About me

Damijan Šinigoj, Slovenian writer, translator, editor, publicist, screenwriter, caver, cave rescuer. Born in October 1964 in Novo mesto, Slovenia. He is a member of the Slovenian Writers Association, the Association of Slovenian Literary Translators, editor-in-chief of the magazine Jamar. Passionate caver, caving instructor, caving rescuer and caving rescue instructor, head of education at the Cave Rescue Service of Slovenia and vice president of the Caving Association of Slovenia.



They shoot the soldiers, don’t they?, 1991

It is the writer’s first novel, which he wrote at the age of twenty. He describes his personal experiences during military service in the Yugoslav People’s Army. The story of the army general’s revenge and the terrible consequences that destroyed a young deserting soldier and his circle of friends. An action novel with a well-developed and interesting theme, which brings an insightful look into the thinking and emotions of a growing young man.

Unfired round, 1994

It is a novel about the war, which shows the events of 1991. Damijan was twenty-six years old when he volunteered for the territorial defence, and to this day he does not know whether he should be sorry to not fire a single bullet.


Father’s cosy nook, 2003

Father’s cosy nook is a collection of fifty short stories that have been published in the Mama magazine for many years and which, in a fun and witty way, reveal the dilemmas that (every) father of two rambunctious children faces.


Short diary of a cave addict, 2012

The witty diary entries of an apprentice caver from his first uncertain steps into the underground world towards even more uncertain steps into even deeper depths and narrower straits, full of fun adventures…


Looking for Eve, 2014

The author’s first youth text, which tells the story of two teenagers who become friends with the help of the Internet, social networks and modern technology.


Where the wind sleeps, 2020 (the best novel of the year award)

The author’s second youth novel is a full-blooded adventure that takes place mostly in a cave, i.e. in an environment he knows like the back of his hand as a top caver and caver rescuer.


The Third Child, 2020

The long-awaited continuation of the best seller Father’s cosy nook.



Ratko Cvetnić, A Short Trip, 2000

Zilhad Ključanin, The Witness, 2001

Veselin Marković, Izranjanje, 2003

Aleksandra Kardum, What I kept silent about, 2006

The end of the century, the beginning of the millennium (Zilhad Ključanin et al.), an anthology of Bosnian contemporary short prose, 2009

Goran Samardžić, The girl on the road, 2011

Alen Mešković, Ukulele jam, 2015

Jasminka Tihi-Stepanić, Summer on Lake Čiče, 2023



When the War Knocks, script for a documentary movie

Gusti, children’s film

1991 – The Unfired Rounds, feature film script, 2011



Trdina’s Prize for Literature 2010

Rastem s knjigo 2015 for the novel Looking for Eve

Nomination for Večernica 2015, for the best youth work for the novel Looking for Eve

Nomination for Desetnica 2015, for the best youth literature for the novel Looking for Eve

Zlata huška 2015 for the novel Looking for Eve

Zlata huška for the best translation of 2015 for Alen Mešković’s novel Ukulele jam

Nomination for Večernica 2021, for the best youth work for the novel Where the Wind Blows

Desetnica 2021, for the best youth literature for the novel Where the Wind Sleeps

Zlata hruška 2021 for the novel Where the Wind Sleeps

The White Ravens Award for the novel Where the Wind Sleeps