Miš, 2020

WHERE THE WIND SLEEPS is a tense book that combines two lines – one in which the reader follows the trail of a missing person who is suspected to have fallen into a cave, in the second we follow a boy and a girl who, in reckless youthful playfulness, want to have an adventure, but this soon becomes a struggle for survival. Both lines are connected by the Cave Rescue Service, whose activities Šinigoj as an operational cave rescuer are very familiar with and until the last page, the reader holds his breath, not knowing how the matter will unfold…

Sinigoj Iskanje Eve naslovka
Miš, 2014
LOOKING FOR EVE is a youth novel about the Slovenian girl Eve and Swede’s boy Leon, who wish to meet…
GOGA, 2011
GOGA, 2012

Short diary of a cave addict is a cave trainee diary from his first uncertain steps into the underground world towards even more uncertain steps into even deeper depths and narrow straits, full of fun adventures…

GOGA, 2011

GOGA, 2011UNFIRED ROUNDS, 2nd edition on  20th anniversary of independence of Slovenia …

GOGA, 2003

GOGA, 2003

FATHER’S COSY NOOK is a collection of fifty short stories, which have been published in the magazine Mama for years. These stories reveal quandaries of a (every) father of two tricky mischievous children on a funny and witty way.

Slon&Amalietti, 1994
Slon&Amalietti, 1994

UNFIRED ROUNDS is a book about the war, but the theme is against the war, because it is an awful thing! I was twenty-six in 1991, when the war began. I was active as a volunteer, but even today I still don’t know whether to sorry for not even shooting a single round …

Vojake ubijajo, mar ne?
Amalietti, 1992

THEY SHOOT THE SOLDIERS, DON’T THEY? is my debut and I wrote it when I was twenty. It is based on my own experiences; a Slovene serving military duty in Yugoslav People’s Army. The book is made up, but the methods of military state security police are authentic, experienced on my own skin. Because of “political” caricatures and some of the “political” jokes I have been arrested for almost 2 months and as a civilian twice on a court-martial. At the end, I was acquited!