(85 min)

director: Jurij Pervanje
writer: Damijan Šinigoj
director of photography: Valentin Perko
music: Aldo Kumar & Anže Rozman
cast: Miha Rodman (Borut), Žiga Udir (Marko), Jure Kopušar (Rajc), Blaž Setnikar (Kladu), Vito Weis (Rexepi), Anja Drnovšek (Meta), Grega Čušin (Zastavnik) in Judita Zidar (Markova mama)
production: RTV Slovenija

Feature film 1991-Unfired rounds through the prism of experiences and expertise of two Slovenian guys who serve in military, talk about the events immediately prior to and during the War of Independence of Slovenia. The heroes of the film, two friends, as a conscripts of Yugoslav People’s Army find themselves on different sides in the middle of the key events: one is able to defect to the Slovenian Territorial Defence, the other remained in the Yugoslav People’s Army unit. When the conflict exacerbated to the death, unintentionally become a direct opponent.


film for childrens (13 min)

authors: Damijan Šinigoj, Primož Kastelic, Jadran Sterle
director: Primož Kastelic
music: Žabjak bend
production: Studio Vrtinec, Novo mesto

Gusti is a young wild boar who took refuge to people and he lived in their house. During amusing shots we hear his thoughts about his view of people and their home, how he gets along with their pets, but at the same time he uncovers the world of a wild boar. Consequently children (and adults) realize the life of a wild boar, its body, nutrition habits, multiplication, enemy …


When The War Knocks
documentary film (45 min)

Script: Damijan Šinigoj
Director: Bogdan Mrovlje
Director of photography: Primož Kastelic
Music: Roman Zupančič in Borut Zirkelbach
Producer: Primož Kastelic
Production: Studio Vrtinec, Novo mesto

Yugoslavia was a federal country and it consisted of many nations. It’s army was called Yugoslav people army and it was the third strongest army in Europe. It was consisted of recruits from all the republics. When in 1991 started the destruction of the common state, YPA tried to stop it. Of course it did not succeed. But it did not give up – it tried by force in all the republics and it failed everywhere. And during this happening it changed from peoples’ into one of the most bloody and bestial armies … Slovenia was only the overture, for warming up, they were only learning, in some way, at us. But it doesn’t change the fact that we, Slovenians, got our independent republic with arms in our hands. We were defending. Successfully. Very successfully. And even my boot contributed a firm kick into their ass …
The war for independent Slovenia lasted only ten days. Luckily. But in no way that fact does not diminish contribution of all people who collaborated in any way in the war for independence. Little people as well, about whom the story goes and memory lives. Who went into uncertainty with only one thought – to defend their own firesides, their own state and their own dreams.
My story tells about them.
Little people.